Certified IT Expert Dr. Horst Eidenberger

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Numbers according to the Classificaton of the Austrian Ministry of Justice.


  • Mathematics: Numerical Mathematics
  • 21.10

  • Statistics: Descriptive Statistics, Testing and Statistics Software
  • 21.20

  • Programming: Mathematical Software
  • 66.93

  • Audio Recording, Video Recording, Digital Studio Technology, digital Signal Processing
  • 68.50

  • Software Technology: Project Development, Resource Estimation, System Design, Implementation, Testing, Debugging, Evaluation
  • Programming: C/C++, Java, Web Scripting, etc.
  • 68.60

  • IT Security, Privacy, Cryptography, Virus Protection
  • 68.65

  • Internet Software: Web Design, Portal Software, e-Learning, etc.
  • Web Programming: Web Portals, AJAX, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Network Applications: Data Communication, Server Client Systems
  • 68.70

  • Application Software: Audio, Image and Video Processing Systems and Library Systems, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Speech Recognition, Video Surveillance, Indexing, Retrieval Systems, etc.
  • Standard Software: Office, Enterprise Software, Media Processing, e-Commerce, etc.
  • 68.75

  • Communication Systems: LAN, WAN, MAN, Internet: Internet Applications, Domain Registration, Video Streaming, Voice over IP, etc.
  • 68.77

  • IT Project Plannung, IT Project Management: Scientific IT Projects