Certified IT Expert Dr. Horst Eidenberger

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Implementation of IT Reviews

  • Reviews for the Avoidance of Lawsuits
  • Reviews for the Preparation of Lawsuits
  • Reviews in ongoing Trials
  • Reviews conducted by Researchers with Habilitation are considered particularly trustworthy according to Austrian Law

Consulting and Monitoring

  • Consulting of SME in Website Projects: Requirements, Contract Issues, Project Design, etc. - for the Avoidance of Lawsuits in this conflict-prone area of computer engineering
  • Preparation of Tenders
  • Tender Process Monitoring
  • Implementation and Change Management

Project Management

  • Requirement Analysis and System Design
  • Monitoring of Implementation and Test Processes
  • Realization of Continuous Improvement Processes

Mediation and Conflict Management

  • Arbiter and Arbitrator in Arbitral Procedures
  • Technical Analysis of defective Systems
  • Mediation of technology-related Conflicts
  • Arbitration of Conflicts in Project Teams
  • Moderation of Seminars and Meetings

Selected Topics

  • Consulting and Expertise on Web Systems
  • Consulting on the Evaluation of Websites
  • Estimation of the Value of Software Source Code
  • Estimation of the Value of Video Studio Hardware
  • Expertise on Applied Statistics
  • Expertise on Source Code Quality and Consulting
  • Expertise on the Tariff Classification of IT Professionals in Collective Agreements
  • Expertise on the Value of a Software (COCOMO)
  • Expertise on Video Surveillance Technology
  • Expertises on ATM Card Fraud, Chip and PIN, EMV Standards
  • Expertises on Credit Card Fraud
  • Expertises on e-Banking Fraud Detection and Anti-Money-Laundering
  • Expertises on Forensic Audio Analysis and Voice Identification
  • Expertises on Forensic Biometric Face Recognition
  • Expertises on Forensic E-Mail Verification
  • Expertises on Forensic Video Analysis and Person Identification
  • Expertises on Phishing Attacs and CEO Fraud in E-Banking
  • Expertises on Internet Communication
  • Expertises on Lossless Video Coding in Medical Applications
  • Expertises on Network Hardware and Configuration
  • Expertises on Network Protocols and Onion-Routing
  • Expertises on Phishing Attacs in E-Banking
  • Expertises on Sampling and Sample Sizes in Questionnaires
  • Expertises on SAP-based ERP Systems
  • Expertises on Server Hosting and System Administration
  • Expertises on the Usage of Mobile Data Services
  • Expertises on Virtual Reality Systems
  • Expertises on Web Portal Software, Content Management Systems
  • IT Consulting for SME
  • IT Consulting on Accounting Software
  • IT Consulting on Linux/POSIX and Software Testing
  • IT Consulting on Source Code Plagiarism
  • Monitoring of IT Tenders
  • Network Traffic Analysis
  • Permanent Data Deletion of Sensible Data and Review
  • Project Management for the Development of Scientific Software
  • Requirements Analysis for Scientific and Management Software
  • Reviews on Source Code Plagiarism
  • Reviews on Software Quality and Consulting
  • Reviews on Software Quality of Document Management Systems
  • Trainings on the Optimization of Forensic CCTV Quality